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zemnieks, 28.11.2015. 21:39:33
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UNIQUE Lorencia Map only For ZenthMu

Zenth Mu online is new community, with different approach to servers, we are deffinetley here for long time, we are administrating private mu online projects more than 8 years, and we can guarantee, that we will provide best servers, with
well considered gameplay, and zenth mu online servers are made to deliver best quality and stability. ZenthMu has thought out every single game nuance, balanced economic, it took a lot of time to make this work, but at the end we managed to do it.

ZenthMu Servers
Low (x25)
Medium (x100)
High (x1000)
Extreme (x9999)
We are planning to open 5 different type experience mu online servers. Every single one of them will have unique features wich you wont be able to find in other servers. ZenthMu(x100) is opening at 22.11.2015 20:00 GMT+2. After comes remaining servers. As 3rd will open Non reset server. You will be able to find information about server configuration in each server forum.


We have reworked every single game event, each event will give you different prizes, after opening you will see, that ti will be extremeley necessary to visit events, wich will give you great bonuses. There are a lot of functions wich we will allow you to find by yourselves.

There will be tons of guides/tutorials about zenth mu online server configuration and gameplay features in Tutorial section. Don't hasitate to ask for help to our team, we are 24/7 available, fastest way to reach us is by your ticket system. We respond to your requests immediately.


Updates will be released every week, we got premium launcher system with auto-update system, you wont need to re-download clients, you will be able to download patches manually or update client using ZenthMu launcher.

ZenthMu Protection & Server

Zenth Mu Online is based on OVH hosting company, with best protection against attacks, you will never have to worry about ddos-attacks/floods. Our server is monitored 24/7 and there wont be any kind of cheaters, we got premium anticheat to avoid cheaters.
Intel E5-2630v3
E5-2630v3 8/16t
2,4 / 3,2 GHz 128 GB of RAM
DDR4 ECC 1866 MHz 2 x480GB of SSD SOFT
For other inquiries : support@zenthmu.com
Skype: mu-online.support

dastdivi, 15.12.2015. 12:31:07
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[url=http://www.hansapost.lv/cl/berni/zeni/radio-vadamas-rotallietas/1123/]radiovadāmās mašīnas[/url]

dastdivi, 15.12.2015. 12:31:56
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