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3.augusts, 2010, otrdiena - 4.augusts, 2010, trešdiena, 20.00 - last visitor

Tim Jugla, Gnz, Beton


Hey! What a nice company we got for first Tuesday of August! First guest is Tim Jugla also known as Sergey Timofeev from Orbita community http://orbita.lv/timofeev We wont say to much words about what he's up to with dj'ing, but here's one profile that can answer or any your question, or even add some more of them:


Both other guests are comes from famous Varka Kru! Ginjah aka Gnz and Beton aka Fotu are no need to introduce to local visitors. For our foreigner guests we can say that you will hear soul of music. In any genre, at any party these guys know where's music comes from! Unfortunately there's again no proper musical proof in the web to put it here. But in this case any music lover won’t be disappointed.

Чайка | Kaija chayka.kaija@gmail.com

Norises vieta

Rīga, klubs "Greenwood"

Vecrīga, Krāmu iela 3 (Ieeja no Jaunielas)



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