Tuborg Green Rock Castle Festival

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13.augusts, 2010, piektdiena, 19:00

The Rasmus & Apocalyptica


On 13th of August in the historical Trakai Castle will be held Tuborg Green Rock Castle festival, which likely will become traditional and will take place annually.

This year festival line-up: The Rasmus (Finland), Apocalyptica (Finland), Žas (Lithuania), Bix (Lithuania). The five hours concert will be not only a great gift for all fans but also a fresh surge of positive energy for all music lovers.

Apocalyptica will perform the newest compositions from "7th Symphony" album

The new studio album "7th Symphony" will be released on August, 23rd, 2010, right after "Tuborg Green Rock Castle" festival. The seventh studio album appears after a three-year break, so more than possibly that during a concert in Trakai the Band will play not only well-known hits but also the newest compositions from the upcoming album.

The Rasmus promised to play all best songs

One of the most successful Finnish bands have released 7 studio albums, 2 compilations and 24 singles. Hits of "The Rasmus" eight times received gold and five times went platinum, the Band can be proud of millions of sold albums and huge army of devoted fans. Last year "The Rasmus" have released compilation "Best of 2001 – 2009" and already started to work on their new studio album.


Norises vieta

Lietuva, Trakų pilis

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