Space:Garage series: ''Fight For Fun'' vol1 _ Lan live!

Informācija par pasākumu

23.aprīlis, 2010, piektdiena, 23:00

LAN, Skābais Jānis, Valdis no "Piens" Brain/Cliche, Milkmagic/Panorama, VJ Daavis

4 Ls, ja iet grupā pa 6 Ls, kopā jāmaksā 15 Ls

Now when all of us can witness the destruction of Space:Garage’s physical body, we feel it is time to start our new mission – Fight For Fun event series. Because we’re sure that not only us crave for more fun in the currently awkward Riga nightlife and there is never too much of fun.
The first battle will take place on Friday, 23rd of April on Andrejsala’s floating workshop.

The event will be headlined by current Berlin superstars of electro-acoustic music – trio LAN. Musically, the band searches for the undefined field between hooky pop-music and experimental electronic arrangements. Philosophically, they are longing for the Universal Love by being intimate and out of nowhere at the same time. LAN is celebrating the awareness of frustration without depression. They say that Love is a piece of hatred, money is trouble and fun. We think that their performance will give you a food for thought so you can make your own definitions for those things.

Before LAN you’ll be warmed-up by Cliche and Brain who know how to make the beat rock your bones. Also, for your delight – Valdis from Piens, Milkmagic with Panorama, as well as Janis Jekabsons, who will make the best of the two of his DJ personalities – both as Uppfade and Skabais Janis. VJ Daavis will take care of a colorful and humorous visual experience.

The meeting place is one of the most exotic ones in Riga – Andrejsala’s Floating workshop – our first space ship. We’ll land down and open the star gates at about 11PM and meet the sunny Andrejsala’s morning.

Space: Garage

Norises vieta

Rīga, Andrejsala, Peldošā Darbnīca Nr. 659

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