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20.novembris, 2009, piektdiena - 21.novembris, 2009, sestdiena, 20:02

FORGOTTEN SUNRISE [ee], STandART [lv] + DJs: 4-got-10, GAC, MASQUE, ARNO

1/2 Ls

For some bizarre reason, none these days remember, what year the first Beats
from the Vault party took place, for the flyer does not portray the year, just
the date and time. It could be 1998. In the following years, two more pretty
identical parties took place in Tallinn, but this time named In the Steel Room.

All seemed nice and dandy, but one of the organizers, Lemmy, died - ironically,
on either 31st of December 1999 or 1st of January 2000. The following years were
silent. Only in summer 2002 were there further attempts to make another Beats
from the Vault, but since "Enter" had deceased as well, it was to take
place in the Depeche Mode Bar in Tallinn. The preparations were made, but for
several reasons, it never took off.
Thus came Autumn 2003, when Anders together
with Estonian Gothic Portal thought that Estonia could use, once again, an
industrial music party. The deal was made and the forces were united.
In November 2003, the 3rd Beats from the Vault happened, in a small bar in
Tallinn called "Teine Kodu".
The party was a successful beyond the
expectations, and thus a descision was born to make these parties into regular
happenings. The next Beats from the Vault took place two months later and thus
Beats from the Vault now takes place once every few months.
These days, in
addition to an excellent, dark and eclectic choice of dark machinery music,
there's also a Special Hour in the beginning of each party, dedicated to one act
only. Any that are interested in dancing to dark music - well, or just listening
to it really loud - are welcome!

Anders 4-got-10

Norises vieta

Rīga, fabrika "ELEKTRA"

Ādmiņu iela 4, Rīga

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