Emanon - The challenge

The red carpet has ablazing stripes on it
It`s abjectly how you`re walking here
Abrasions will sore
Till you`ll abstain from artifical thoughts
Your bait for happyness
Is a hypodermic needle
Feeling good when it pricks in your skin
You are forsaken by yourself
Shouldn`t put your mind
In this cellophane
You know you need no wings
Because they`re needed just for those
Who cant fly
And this is happening again
I`m uncousious
You are dissociated and not here

teiksim tā - dziesma par cilvēkiem kuriem nav savu domu, par to kā cilvēki
ir notrulinājušies līdz tādai pakāpei, ka tie atsakās no sevis.izliekas par
to kas viņi nav un bla bla bla ;)